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keep it pushed down

i have somyhing to write about that hurts me so much i dont want to.

the beginning

I think i know how these blogs work now, correct me if im wrong but i think i i write my days events or things that were on my mind this day.
I rode into town to Magenta. This is not only a time to do arty things but also it gives me contact with other people who now know me.

continental drift

Its mind expanding peering into others lives in other places
that i would never of had the chance to see into without the provision of EP.

ideas needed

I will think of somthing to write here one day.

   For those of you afflicted by some addiction or quirky behaviour,  you will understand how these things shape and effect your life.  I am a potters moulded peice of work also.  I'm the product of having no control of my life.  I didnt wanna be in this race.  So i let the reigns go way, way back and here is where i am now with no hands on the wheel.

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